Proses Makina’s crusher is designed for crushing and crumbling of PCBs and motherboards in e-waste facilities. The crusher’s design of Proses Makine is prepared for cutting and crumbling the material between the high-speed rotating blades and the fixed blade plates.

Crushers are very useful machines in order to perform the size reduction process for electronic waste recycling. Adjustable blade opening and replaceable blades offer low maintenance costs and are suitable for long-term use. There are two shafts and two sieves in the granulator system. One of the shafts is at the bottom and the other at the top side.

Primary crushing is started on the top side. It shreds the material between the blades and sends the material to a second grinder at the bottom when the materials reach to the enough size. The sieve under the blade is designed for easy replacement. Materials that are reduced to a sufficient size in the grinders can pass through the sieves and start secondary grinding and then materials can pass through the second sieve to the next step of the process.

  • Suitable for crushing electronic wastes.
  • Adjustable blade opening and replaceable knives offer low maintenance costs and are suitable for long-term use.
  • The granulator system is designed with two shafts and two sieves.
  • Cutting function can be optimized with adjustable knives.
  • Belt driv ensures a simple transmission and brings low maintenance costs.
  • Can be manufactured for customers’ requests.
  • The sieves under the blades are designed for easy replacement.
  • Settings can be adjusted simply from the touch-screen control panel according to the material to be processed.
  • Capacity can be arranged for the customers’ requests.
  • CE certification is available.


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