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Various acids and chemicals are used in the precious metal recovery industry. Waste gas treatment is a must to protect the working environment and cover human health. Harmful gases are damaged to the environment. Scrubbers are used for the minimize the corrosiveness to the environment. Scrubbers can absorption of gases in their liquids are used with the ‘’raching rings’’.

The working principles of scrubbers are based on washing the gases under the raching rings. The waste gas is forced to upwards into the raching rings with a suction fan. And the water coming down from the sprinkler rings with the gravitational attraction come across with the harmful gases. The rings also differ in the best possible level of gas and water. Harmful gas can be converted to an unharmful phase and the acid phase is stuck into the water. This acid form has corrosion effects and the scrubbers have to be manufactured with a special material that resists to chemicals.

  • Low business management
  • Easy maintenance
  • Less water consumption
  • The system is designed according to the process needs
  • Tailor-made solution with different types and production range
  • Suitable to the environmental regulations
  • CE certification is available
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