Component Separator

Precious metals are used in the production of electronic waste. But there are not only precious metals are used in the production. Electronic scraps also contain many unvaluable elements such as plastic and iron. If the iron and plastic parts are not removed from the input material, they may have the effect of reducing the efficiency of the chemical operations. 

The component separation system is integrated the Proses Makina’s solution for recycling precious metals from e-waste. In order to remove the iron parts on them due to welding and soldering processes during the production of electronic parts. The component separation machine melts the iron part and removes it from the part by simply giving flame with a burner. With this burning process, only unwanted metal parts can be removed from the material by working at the appropriate temperature.

We can count this process as physical enrichment. Other physical improvements are also made in the Proses Makina’s system. You can contact us for more information about the product.


Density Separator

Mineral enrichment methods are used in various processes in order to increase efficiency and improve the supply material quality. The enrichment process may vary according to the quality of the material, the way it is obtained, and the requirements of the process. Shaking tables are taking advantage of the difference in specific gravity between two ores. Heavy ores are falling down and can be transferred with water flow. Light dense and heavy dense materials can be separated on the shaking table. The separation can be realized between 0.5mm to 20mm.

The shaking table is used to enrich the material that will feed the rotary furnace in Proses Makina’s e-waste recycling facility. The task of the wet shaking table is to separate the copper from dust and plastic parts of the crushed materials coming from the shredder or the crusher. The main reason is to be able to feed only copper to the furnace.

Shaking tables are easy to use and install, and can separate ores of different specific gravity by mechanical vibration. The system is easy to use and can be adapted to your facility’s needs. Shaking tables are used to separate dense materials such as Gold, Platinum, and other precious metals from less dense materials.

  • The density separation can be realized between 0.5mm to 20mm.
  • Good choice for separate two ores or materials which have density differences.
  • Recovery of Gold and other precious metals from low tonnage streams.
  • Gravity cleaning. The final product can be in fine particles.
  • The motion is provided by a gearless driven motor.
  • The system is committed to low maintenance costs.
  • Specifications of the shaking table is designed for the project’s requirements.
  • CE certification is available.
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