Proses Makina’s shredders are designed as the first step in the recycling process of precious metals. The types and sizes of shredders can be manufactured to the processing capacity of the facility and the type of material which used in the process. Shredders are suited for processing rough materials due to the low speed and high torque working. Adjustable blade opening and high torque can perform optimum cutting and shredding performance with those machines.

Proses Makina’s e-waste plant has a top blown rotary furnace for the melting process. Shredders are reducing the size of the input materials and increasing the total amount of copper which can supply to the furnace. Single shaft and double shaft shredders are the most common choices. Proses Makina is a machinery supplier for recycling plants. As Proses Makina we can supply different types of shredders for the customers’ needs.

  • Enable for processing of tough material with low speed and high torque.
  • Optimum cutting scale with adjustable blade opinion.
  • The knives can be reground multiple times and it brings low operation costs and ensures long life using.
  • The machine is designed for quick and easy change of knives.
  • Can shred all kinds of cables, electronic cards, radiators, plastics, woods, and tires
  • Continuous feeding of the rotor is performed with the hydraulic push-button connected to the PLC software and can be adjusted simply from the touch-screen control panel according to the material to be processed.
  • Sizes and capacities can be arranged to customers’ needs.
  • One and two shafts choices are available.
  • Shredder’s sizes and capacities are arranged for the project’s requirements.
  • CE certification is available.


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