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Neutralization systems have wide usage areas. It is widely used in many sectors such as hospitals, laboratories, and businesses producing acidic wastewater. Various acids are used in the recycling of precious metals from electronic waste facilities. The wastewater of the system can be harmful to the environment. It is a mandatory process to neutralize wastewater to ideal levels following the regulations of the project’s country. Neutralization units are used to neutralize the waste liquid coming from the e-waste system with some chemicals and eliminate its harmful effects.

Neutralization units can be produced from materials such as PP or HDPE according to the pH value of the wastewater. The conformity of the manufactured products to the management should be tested. Proses Makina’s neutralization units are easy to install and use. The Unit’s design does not cause difficulties in cleaning and maintenance. The neutralization units can be manufactured according to the capacity of your project or according to the customer’s requests.

Wastewater from electronic wastes from precious metal recovery facilities can cause serious damage to the environment. The neutralization system designed for the discharge of these waters must be manufactured in accordance with the regulations of the country where the facility is located. Neutralization is required for the discharge of wastewater. If the customer wants to recycle and use the wastewater, chemical treatment is required. With a few improvements made to the neutralization unit, it is possible for the wastewater to reach usable levels.

  • Neutralization and treatment units can be designed according to the project’s capacity. Proses Makina’s solutions are tailor-made
  • Two choices such as draining wastewater and obtaining water to use from wastewater.
  • Filtration systems designed in accordance with your neutralization unit
  • Production in accordance with the regulations and regulations in the country to be used
  • World-class and customer-specific production
  • CE certification is available
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